It’s 2020!

My greatest strength (or you could call it my greatest weakness), is being addicted to fresh starts.

It surprises me that there are still people popping in to this abandoned space! I do have a new blog, but it’s not updated regularly either.

What I miss about social media is the random—yet meaningful—connections that were made. With increasing privacy concerns, it’s harder to do that now. That said, I’m still open to new friendships, so please leave a note to say hello!

I’ve saved some of my old crafting posts as screen captures:

Turn Sticky Notes Into Paper Cherry Blossoms

Make A Scanimation Card

Make A Bow From Paper Bags

Recycle Unused Business Cards: Make A Lantern

Make Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar From Clothespins

Thanks for the love over the years, and stay happy!