Classic Find: When Daddy Was A Little Boy

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*This post was first published in October 2012.

I couldn’t think of a compelling childhood story to tell today, so I cheated: A few months ago, I’d found a link to download “When Daddy Was A Little Boy,” one of my favourite books from back when I was a kid.

For the longest time, I was under the impression that this was a book about my dad! It helped that the “daddy” in this book wore black-rimmed glasses too. Anyway for years I’ve been hoping this would turn up in one of my book thrifting sprees, but what are the chances of that?

Not that I would turn down the chance to own the hardcover version, but I’m loving my digital copy right now. In some ways, reading this book connects me to my childhood more than any reminiscing I could do, because I’m reminded of my five-year-old self eagerly flipping pages to find out what “Little Daddy” would do next.

I’ve already started reading a few of the stories to Layla, and I read one tonight as well. It was about Little Daddy entering school later than most of his peers and having to get used to pushing matches, pesky kids (the sorts who stick their tongues out at you), and sitting next to girls. Even in three short pages, there was a lot for Layla to laugh about and relate to.

And then there was this bit:

I want you to remember that when you feel like crying, try to laugh. That’s a piece of advice that will serve you well for the rest of your lives.

Good advice for my daughter, and perhaps for me too.


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