Mind Games


*This post was first published in September 2015.

Lately, we’ve been preoccupied with puzzles, and a puzzle game that I’ve been amusing kids with is “Fuzzy Wuzzy.” It was introduced to me by game-loving mom Pamela, and it goes like this:

Fuzzy Wuzzy likes rubbers, but he doesn’t like erasers.
Fuzzy Wuzzy likes sweets, but he doesn’t like candy.
Fuzzy Wuzzy likes ribbons, but he doesn’t like bows.
Fuzzy Wuzzy likes puzzles, but he doesn’t like mysteries.
Fuzzy Wuzzy likes books, but he doesn’t like novels.

There’s a pattern to what Fuzzy Wuzzy likes, and it’s obvious when you write the words down–it’s more fun if you don’t! Once you crack the code, you can make an endless list of Fuzzy Wuzzy likes and dislikes.

Layla’s friend Izzy, aged 8, not only solved the Fuzzy Wuzzy puzzle, she created a sequel that turned out to be tricky!

Here goes:

Fuzzy Wuzzy has a cousin, Topsy Turvy.

Topsy Turvy likes cabs; he doesn’t like buses.
Topsy Turvy likes McDonalds; he doesn’t like Burger King.
Topsy Turvy likes hills; he doesn’t like mountains.
Topsy Turvy likes Mars; he doesn’t like Earth.
Topy Turvy likes all things opaque; he doesn’t like anything clear.
Topsy Turvy likes tuna; he doesn’t like cod.
Topsy Turvy likes Kleenex, but not Scott.
Topsy Turvy likes to be fast; he doesn’t like to be slow.
Topsy Turvy likes the number eight; he doesn’t like the number six.
Topsy Turvy likes to go left, but not up.

What does Topsy Turvy like?


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