I was reading this “9 Questions” feature on Vox and thought I’d love to hear from my friends too. So please feel free to leave your answers in the comments! Here are mine:

First piece of media consumed every morning? The NY Times, mostly because it’s always first on my feed.

Someone I disagree with but still read? I just started following local political commentator Calvin Cheng, after having instructed FB to hide all his posts from me a year or two ago… to be honest I disagree with his approach and would prefer if he substantiated his claims with relevant reading material (to save me googling time), but on recent rereading found that some of his views resonated.

Person who has most influenced the way I think? Probably my critical reading professor back in grad school. For him, I read Barthes, Derrida, Baudrillard, and more… and actually enjoyed it for a spell.

The last time I changed my mind? I read a graphic piece on a lynch mob exacting revenge on rapists in India, which I thought would be gratifying, but realised I couldn’t condone that behaviour either. I still have vigilante fantasies though.

Worst intellectual habit? Not finishing what I start.

What inspires me to learn? Believing that I am capable of learning or doing anything that interests me.

What I believe to get through the day? Anything is possible; there are no dead ends.

A view I hold but can’t defend? I’d be disappointed if God didn’t exist.

Book I’ve recommended most? Read into it what you will, but I’m more likely to recommend Modern Love columns or music than a book… In the last year or so, perhaps All The Light We Cannot See, and that’s maybe three times at most. If we’re talking about something potentially life changing (but not a book), I have recommended Seattle pastor Peter Chin’s sermons to many people!


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