Original Sprout

Original Sprout

A girlfriend told me recently that she’s been plagued by breakouts for the whole of this year. Like me, she’s 40, and I was relieved to hear that from her as the same thing’s been happening to me.

I wouldn’t say my skin has ever been totally in the clear, but in my late 20s and 30s, I enjoyed a reprieve and only saw the occasional zit or two. At 40? I now have a dermatologist that I consult when I feel things are getting out of hand–nothing fancy like Sloane, just good ‘ol National Skin Centre. Currently, I’m on the Retin A-AHA treatment that I’ve seen recommended on some beauty/health web sites, and it is working for me, especially when I remember to be kind to my skin.

When Original Sprout contacted me some months ago to send me products, I didn’t decline, for once. I’ve been using Original Sprout on my face for years, after buying the Hair & Body Babywash to test on Z. I was perfectly happy with it, but I attempted to switch to Cetaphil last year thinking that it was cheaper–and dermatologist-recommended–but it triggered a breakout that warranted a visit to the dermatologist. Subsequently, I was prescribed a cleanser from La Roche-Posay, but my skin reacted to that too (redness, itch). Then everything calmed down until we took a family trip to New Zealand, and the weather changes made my skin flare up again.

I’ve become pretty sensitive to fragrances lately as well, so other organic baby brands such as Gaia and Aveeno don’t make the cut where I’m concerned. I’ve decided it’s worth the extra trouble heading to our nearest Kiddy Palace to stock up on the Original Sprout Babywash, which Z and I share. (Update: I didn’t realise the brand was available at Watson’s and Guardian! Click here for the list of SG retailers.)

Based on my experience, I trust Original Sprout’s choice of ingredients, which you can read about here. As for the other products we were given, I use Head & Shoulders daily to keep dandruff at bay; dryness is an issue but I prefer to use an oil spray over conditioners and hair creams, so I’ve passed these on to Layla. I think they do their job, but I don’t have a point of comparison either. Original Sprout does carry a Tahitian Hair Oil product, which I would be interested to try, but I’ve not seen it in stores. Likewise for the skin cream; Layla has used it, just for fun, but it’s not something we really need. But I would pick up their sunscreen product if I see it.


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